Harbour View Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
LeBlanc, Kim Principal 902-464-2083 kleblanc@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Michael Vice Principal 902-464-2708 michaelmacdonald@hrce.ca
Jordan , Tanya Secretary - Harbour View Main Office 902-464-2051 tjordan@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Kennedy, Jessica ECE Pre-Primary Lead Jessica.Kennedy@hrce.ca
Aucoin, Katie Grade Six Kathryn.Aucoin@hrce.ca
Baker, Samantha One/Reading Recovery Samantha.Baker@hrce.ca
Brown, Shelley Pre-Primary Lead sbrown@hrce.ca
Charlton, Susan Grade Two scharlton@hrce.ca
Chisholm, Jenna Grade One Jenna.Chisholm@hrce.ca
Colpitts, Jessica Grade Primary/One Jessica.Colpitts@hrce.ca
Cormier, Mieaghan Grade Two/Three CormierM@hrce.ca Website
Dalton, Natasha Grade Five DaltonN@hrce.ca
Dowden-Marrie, Mary Strings Teacher MDowden-Marrie@hrce.ca
Dugandzic, Nicole Learning Centre NDugandzic@hrce.ca
Godmaire, Serena Band sgodmaire@hrce.ca
Hillier-Blackmore, Jean Pre-Primary (Support Instructor) jhillier-Blackmore@hrce.ca
Kulish, Lauren Physical Education LKulish@hrce.ca
Lightfoot, Mikaela Grade 3/4 MLightfoot@hrce.ca
Lloyd, Diane Grade Five/Six Diane.Lloyd@hrce.ca
MacDonnell, Janice Comprehensive Early Literacy Support JMacDonnell@hrce.ca
Mathers, Jenny Grade1/Resource JMathers@hrce.ca
Messervey-Hall, Amanda Math Coach/Support AMesservey-Hall@hrce.ca
Morse, Judy Pre-Primary Support Judy.Morse@hrce.ca
Powell, Sarah Grade One SPowell@hrce.ca
Schmid, Maggie Grade Four MSchmid@hrce.ca
Sharpe, Amy Learning Centre ASharpe@hrce.ca
Stewart, Janie Guidance Councillor stewartj@hrce.ca
Sullivan, Carolyn Resource csullivan@hrce.ca
Tipper, Amanda Music ATipper@hrce.ca
Walker, Jenn Core French Jennifer.Walker@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Asprey, Sherri Educational Program Assisant
Beals, Myra EPA Myra.Beals@hrce.ca
Bird, Cathy Secretary - Student Services 902-464-2108 cbird@hrce.ca
Colley, Joy EPA Joy.Colley@hrce.ca
Creighton, Nancy Secretary - Schools Plus 902-464-2041 ncreighton@hrce.ca
Dooley, Joanne EPA JDooley@hrce.ca
Doucette, Cassy EPA Cassy.Doucette@hrce.ca
Dowling, Amanda EPA Amanda.Dowling@hrce.ca
Duguay, Charlene EPA Charlene.Duguay@hrce.ca
Hinch, David African Student Support Worker dhinch@hrce.ca
Lyon, Jennifer EPA Lyon@hrce.ca
Matteau, Kimberlie EPA KMatteau@hrce.ca
McKenzie, Claire EPA Claire.McKenzie@hrce.ca
Morin, Agnes EPA
Mullane, Joe Caretaker HBV-Caretaker@hrce.ca
Myers, Margaret EPA MMyers@hrce.ca
Parsons, Kimberley-Anne EPA KParsons@hrce.ca
Pierce, Krista EPA Krista.Pierce@hrce.ca
Selig-Webber, Kimberley EPA KSeligWebber@hrce.ca
Shantz, Taylor EPA TShantz@hrce.ca
Simmonds, Tyrel Custodian Tyrel.Simmonds@hrce.ca
Thomas, Edwina Library Support Specialist ethomas@hrce.ca